Super Easy Method to Producing Tasty Grilled Chapati

Grilled Chapati is the first thing that comes to most people’s thought when it comes to a perfect dish. Today, we will provide you steps on cooking a tasty Grilled Chapati.

Grilled Chapati

We hope you got benefit from reading it, now let’s go back to grilled chapati recipe. You can cook grilled chapati using 3 ingredients and 8 steps. Here is how you cook that.

First of all, below are the ingridients that you should prepare to serve Grilled Chapati:

  1. Get 1 Kg of Wheat Flour.
  2. Use 1 Table Spoon of Salt.
  3. Prepare of Water As Per Requirement.

After preparing the ingridients, now we are ready to make our delightful Grilled Chapati:

  1. Take 1 Kg Wheat Flour in a large pan and add 1 Tablespoon salt to it..
  2. Mix it well. Add water in small amounts. Don't add too much water at once. Add a little bit water and try to mix it well. Then keep on adding water unless and until you feel that it is in the form of dough. Clean the pan during this process as well..
  3. Firstly knead it with one hand. Apply water on upper surface and leave for 10-15 minutes. After that, knead it with both hands in one direction, then bring it at its original place and knead again. Knead it until you feel its smooth and soft. Transfer it to a glass/plastic bowl and apply water on upper surface so that it remains soft. Cover it. And place it in refrigerator for at least 30 minutes so there is some tightness in the dough. In this way, it could be easily handled..
  4. Take some dough and firstly make a پیڑا out of it of normal size..
  5. Use rolling pin to make a roti our of it. Roll it from the corners because if corners will be thick, then roti will remain uncooked. Don't roll it too thin otherwise it will get hard after some time..
  6. Preheat the grill pan. Place the chapati on it and cook from one side. When its cooked from one side, change the side and cook from the other side. Bask it with the help of any cloth. And cover it..
  7. Since you're cooking the chapati in grill pan. You'll see linings on the chapati which will make the chapati unique in look..
  8. Chapati is ready to serve in lunch or dinner..

Recipe : Grilled Chapati

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After seeing this guide, now you are set to be able to produce your first extraordinary Grilled Chapati and be a part of the few people that can prepare the phenomenal Grilled Chapati. If you hope that your friends are also able to serve a perfect Grilled Chapati or even to cook the extra delicious Grilled Chapati for you, dont forget to share this web to them.

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