Best Instructions to Making Yummy CHINESE DUMPLING SOUP (MEE HUN KUEH)

CHINESE DUMPLING SOUP (MEE HUN KUEH) is the nomero uno that comes to many people’s thought when it comes to a comfort dish. Today, we are going to provide you procedures on cooking a delicious CHINESE DUMPLING SOUP (MEE HUN KUEH).


We hope you got benefit from reading it, now let’s go back to chinese dumpling soup (mee hun kueh) recipe. You can have chinese dumpling soup (mee hun kueh) using 16 ingredients and 3 steps. Here is how you do that.

Firstly, here are the ingridients that you should ready to make CHINESE DUMPLING SOUP (MEE HUN KUEH):

  1. You need of plain smooth dumpling.
  2. Get 3 cup of flour.
  3. Use 1/2 cup of water.
  4. Get of water for smoothing the dumpling.
  5. Provide 1 of plate of water.
  6. Take of garnish.
  7. Get 1 bunch of fried dry anchovies.
  8. You need 1 bunch of Choy sum.
  9. Use of soup.
  10. Prepare 1 of pot of chicken stock.
  11. Prepare 1 dash of light soy sauce and pepper.
  12. Provide of dry chili sauce mixture.
  13. Get 1 tsp of shallot oil.
  14. Get 1 tbsp of light soy sauce.
  15. Use 1/2 tsp of dark soy sauce.
  16. Get 1 tbsp of oil Chili sauce of your choice.

After preparing the ingridients, now we are set to make our delightful CHINESE DUMPLING SOUP (MEE HUN KUEH):

  1. Mix flour with water add bit by bit till flour is till dough is soft.water might not use finish set aside cover with cloth for half hour to rest.
  2. Bring pot of stock to a boil then simmer down, Pull a hanful of dough then with one wet hand pull thinly dumpling dough and put into pot of stock (** This way the dumpling will be smooth and slippery **).
  3. Add seasoning and gently stir dumpling once or twice so that soup will clear off heat and serve top garnish.

I'll take a hug in a bowl any day. Also, this soup is so simple and so easy. Funny story: the sous chef always tells me I need to make simple, easy recipes on the blog — so one day, I blogged. Put the broth, ginger, soy, wine, vinegar, sesame oil, sugar and salt in a soup pot and bring to a boil over high heat. Mee Hoon Kueh 麵粉粿(pronounced as "Min fan kueh" in Malaysian cantonese) is a traditional chinese dish commonly eaten in.


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After seeing this procedure, now you are ready to be able to cook your first extraordinary CHINESE DUMPLING SOUP (MEE HUN KUEH) and be a chunck of the few people that can make the special CHINESE DUMPLING SOUP (MEE HUN KUEH). If you want that your friends can also make a perfect CHINESE DUMPLING SOUP (MEE HUN KUEH) or even to make the unforgettable CHINESE DUMPLING SOUP (MEE HUN KUEH) for you, dont forget to share this page to them.

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